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Blackjack Odds

It is hard to type into words the odds on Blackjack, it is much easier to put the Blackjack odds in a nice little chart and allow you to form your own little sentences to go along with them, however, I will explain each charts meaning and how you should interpret it.

Probability of busting if you hit

Hand value % Bust if hit
21 100%
20 92%
19 85%
18 77%
17 69%
16 62%
15 58%
14 56%
13 39%
12 31%
11 or less 0%

This chart is self-explanatory as it indicates the percentage value of busting if you are to hit on a particular hand. Example, if you have 21 and hit, you will bust ever time as there are no cards worth zero. Another way of looking at it is, if you were dealt 17 and were to hit, you would bust 69% of the time.

Dealer final hand probabilities

Dealer Final Hand Value % Cumulative % Total
Natural 21 4.82% 4.83%
21 (3 or more cards) 7.36% 12.19%
20 17.58% 29.77%
19 13.48% 43.25%
18 13.81% 57.06%
17 14.58% 71.64%
16 28.36% 100.00%

This chart here shows the blackjack odds of the dealerís hand. It indicates the odds of the dealer getting a particular hand, example, the dealer will naturally get 21 4.82% of the time.

Two-card count frequencies

Two card count % Frequency
Natural 21 4.8%
Hard standing (17-20) 30.0 %
Decision hands (1-16) 38.7%
No-bust 26.5%
TOTAL 100.0%

This chart just means that you will have 4.8 chance of getting a natural 21, or a 30% chance of getting a total of 17-20 on your first two cards.

Player advantage vs. dealer up-card

Dealer up card Dealer bust % Player Advantage % with Basic Strategy
2 35.30% 9.8%
3 37.56% 13.4%
4 40.28% 18.0%
5 42.89% 23.2%
6 42.08% 23.9%
7 25.99% 14.3%
8 23.86% 5.4%
9 23.34% -4.3%
J,Q,K 21.43% -16.9%
A 11.65% -16.0%

If you want to really increase your chances of winning at blackjack these are the blackjack odds you are going to want to pay attention to. With this chart firmly memorized and implanted in your head, you will be able to make better decisions on when you should hit or stand. For example, if a dealer has a 5 or a 6 as an up-card then you should almost always consider standing no matter what you have. The dealer must almost always hit if they have 17 or less, so if there face up-card is a 5 or 6 then they will have to hit unless they have a ace and there up-card is a 6.

Well there you have it, some of the most important charts that you will need in the game, there are more that is for sure, but the ones that I have omitted are long and more complex, not to say you wouldnít understand them at all, I just donít feel as though I need to overwhelm you with information. With the charts that I have included you have more than enough information to increase your chances of winning. Blackjack odds are always increased with smart play, and remember these key charts will benefit you large through out your gambling playing career.

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