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Blackjack Table Layout

Before you start getting ahead of yourself and reading about the Blackjack table layout, you should read the rest of the site if you have not already. I suggest you start with ‘how to play blackjack’ and navigate from there. If you have not played a professional Blackjack game before, this page will prove to be an initial asset. When I began my Blackjack playing career, I was totally ignorant, I didn’t even know what the table looked like nor what its function was to the rest of the game other than to sit at. In the past, I had played with friends sitting around having a few drinks, but the actual table at the casino has a purpose and a layout to control the flow of the game.

I will begin with the back of the table where the dealer (croupier) will stand during the duration of your game. In front of him, you will see a rack of chips, this is where all the chips are kept and handed out from when player decides to buy into the game. Beside this, to the right of the dealer, is a money slot where the dealer will place your money. Directly across from this to the left of the dealer is the card shoe where up to seven or eight decks are placed.

Ok, onto the other side of the table where we, the players, sit. There are several things that you will want to be aware of on this side of the table as you will be the one directly affected by them. First, notice the betting circles in front of each position. You will be placing your bets in this circle before ever hand. Beside or behind the betting circle you will see a square box that houses each player’s cards when dealt out. When playing the game you will never have to touch the cards, most people just motion to what they want to have happen, such as a double tap on the table to hit, or a wave like motion of the cards to imply you would like to stand and not hit.

There is not much more to the Blackjack table layout other than a baseball reference or analogy that is used to describe the positioning of players around it. To the dealers left is known as first base so naturally the far right of the dealer is known as third base. Usually more advanced players play these corners as people feel they control the shoe or the cards that are drawn from the deck.

Blackjack Table Supplies

Chips, cards, felt and wood are what are needed in order to play a game of blackjack. You can buy these things individually and build your own table, but you can also buy pre-built and beautifully crafted tables ready to play if you have the money to spend. I totally recommend buying pre-built tables.

Now, as I have found out in my years of gambling, one of the most important things for the full experience of any card game that is played in the casino, is that you have the proper chips. Most people own cheap versions of casino chips, plastic chips do not cut it; you will definitely appreciate having a nice set of chips if you have them. If you are looking for a place to buy casino chips, you can check out this site here, http://www.pokerchest.com/.

Aside from chips, the table would be the next purchase I would make. Tables come in all shapes and sizes. Some are for one game and you can get tables good for multiple games. If you have the money and the room I would go for a table per game, some people do opt for the dual tables and there is nothing wrong with that, but when I buy my Blackjack supplies, I only buy Blackjack supplies. If you want a good Blackjack table, you can find them here, http://www.pokerchest.com/.

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